Keeping the Traditions Alive

Mzawose Art Promoters is a multi-purpose program that aims to provide a comprehensive experience of Tanzanian musical culture. Dr. Hukwe Ubi Zawose passed on his musical talents to his family and now it is their hope to do the same for the community of Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Instruction is provided in the areas of music, including playing traditional Gogo instruments, as well as learning the traditional drumming and dancing that defines Tanzania's rich musical heritage. Besides lessons in music, the children will also be offered lessons in making the instruments themselves, such as the limba, zeze, ndono, ngoma, and flut, to name a few. In addition to musical instruction, the children will learn valuable skills such as English. The advantages to the program are endless and offer invaluable skills to further the lives and future of the children. It is the dream of Mzawose Art Promters for the children to be able to put their newly formed skills into the context of Tanzanian history to appreciate their history and culture, keeping the traditions alive. 

Lessons are offered at the home of the Zawose family in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Anyone interested in supporting the program, wishing to become involved, volunteering, or looking for more information, please contact Msafiri Zawose here.