Mzawose Art Promoters was founded in 2006 by Msafiri Zawose. Msafiri was born into a musical family that honors tradition. His father, Dr. Hukwe Ubi Zawose, was discovered by Tanzania's first President Julius Nyerere as he was traveling from village to village. Hukwe Zawose's distinguished voice brought him considerable attention and his discovery by Nyerere facilitated his rise from his humble life in Dodoma to an icon in the world music scene. He is seen as one of Tanzania's most talented musicians. His unique vocals mixed with traditional instruments impressed audiences everywhere. He served as Tanzania's musical ambassador to the world, spreading Gogo music far beyond the country's borders. His passion for music greatly influenced his family that moved from their homelands in Central Tanzania to the coastal town of Bagamoyo where Hukwe aided in the development of the Chuo Cha Sanaa Cha Taifa (National Arts College). The college was set up to provide training in the areas of music and art, making Bagamoyo the cultural hub of the country. The curriculum was designed according to Nyerere's vision to incorporate styles and traditions from all over Tanzania to encourage unity in the newly formed nation. He understood the importance of art promotion and cultural integrity in a young nation seeking sense unity.
           Msafiri Zawose dreamed of continuing his father's legacy as a musical ambassador by passing on his musical talents to a new generation of Tanzanians. He and his family perform throughout Tanzania and the world, traveling to places like Japan, England, Kenya, and India. It is from this passion for music that Mzawose Art Promoters was born. The Zawose Family aims to spread cultural awareness through the arts, as well as to preserve the rich musical heritage of their people.