Mzawose Art Promoters

Zawose Family with Chibite performing at Hillside. Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Mzawose Art Promoters aim to provide a fundamental musical background to preserve the rich culture in Tanzania. This includes instruction in building and designing traditional Gogo instruments. Those pictured (left) are hand-made malimba, or finger pianos. The instrument on the right is the 14-string zeze.

The musical spirit inspires the children and provides them with valuable life skills and lessons. The timeless songs of the Wagogo and the legacy of Dr. Hukwe Zawose are being passed down to the younger generations through the efforts of the Zawose Family.
In addition to learning music and instrument making, the children are gaining an appreciation of their heritage and keeping the past alive. Performances are typically done in traditional costumes, which the family also makes. Many of the materials have to be found in Tanzania's Dodoma region where the Wagogo people are fr
Many of the performances are located at the home of the Zawose family in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.